Why I don’t have a successful startup, yet?

Fear of failure

The thought of failing miserably and people doubting me always haunts me. That’s one my biggest fears and its subconscious. But, as an entrepreneur falling and getting up is part of the game. I’ve started to understand that people who love me will always stay with me and believe in me. Its fine to be a failure, its not fine to not try.

Fear of burning out

Burn outs are awful. The feeling of numbness, tiredness, and lack of motivation are absolutely disastrous for an entrepreneur. When you’re validating an idea or building something new, what keeps you going is the intrinsic motivation to solve a problem. During burn outs, I’ve observed that I run out of the intrinsic motivation. To not burn out, I need to place guards around my work and life. These guards are frequent breaks, mindful leisure – not distracting myself with social media, and working out everyday.

What if God doesn’t want me to do it

In the podcast with Tim Ferris, Hugh Jackman said that his biggest fear was that he’d not walk on the path that god wanted him to walk on. And that’s the same fear that I have. What if god didn’t want me to become an entrepreneur? But, looking at the information that I have at the moment, because he’s the one who was put the desire of starting a startup in my head, it must be his will for me to tread on this path.

Fear of being belittled

This is a fear I have since my days of schooling, I wanted everyone to take me seriously. And I think if I fail or come up with a bad idea, I’d be ridiculed. But, to be honest, nobody remembers or cares, everyone has their own life and things to deal with. I might be taking myself a little too seriously. As a remedy, I need to enjoy ridiculing myself and have a good laugh.

Not planning the process

Every now and then when I start a new project, I’m in the hurry to see the results. So, I plan everything to be done quickly. This makes it more of a chore as I’d be grinding on and on until I reach the stage of result. This makes it absolutely unenjoyable. Instead, I should plan to make the process as enjoyable as the end result.


  • It’s fine to fail, it’s not fine to not try
  • Frequent breaks, mindful leisure – no social media, and working out everyday
  • God put the thought of startup in me, hence he wants me to do it
  • Enjoy ridiculing myself and have a good laugh
  • Plan to make the process as enjoyable as the end result

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